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A Simple Christmas Craft for your Stockings | Marent Crafts

Looking for a simple Christmas craft to make this year?

The Christmas season is upon us, and it’s time to decorate for Santa and get into the festive spirit! This is a simple Christmas craft to make with kids aged +10, but be careful of the needle!

What you will need:

  1. A Christmas stocking or a plain colour sock
  2. A scrap of fabric 
  3. A picture of your chosen pattern
  4. A needle
  5. Thread
Red Christmas stocking

Patterns to use:

Christmas clipart images to use as inspiration
These are candy, bow, ornaments, snowflake, Santa's face, snowman, Christmas tree, stars and candy cane



Copy one of the patterns above and draw it onto the piece of fabric to match the style and size of your desired design, this will be used as a guide to work from, and will be placed on the inside of the sock or Christmas stocking.

Step 2

Tie a knot at the end of the thread before you start, then at your starting point, preferably the centre of your design, poke up from the back of the socks when stitching. 

A person sewing a beige thread into white cloth

Step 3

Trace the drawing on your piece of fabric by stitching across the lines. If you keep the same back to front movement of the thread, this will make sure the front of the stocking shows the pattern.


  1. Don’t pull on the thread too tightly to avoid ruining the design proportions
  2. Tying a knot to the end of your thread is crucial to avoid it coming out from the other side so always remember to do it before you start threading.
  3. Overlap your stitches, this helps to make the finished look seem fuller and helps to hide any small mistakes
  4. Remember to enjoy the process and be patient, learning a new skill can be fun and ‘practice makes perfect’!


Hang your handmade stocking on a fireplace or bedpost and show off your DIY skills to your family this Christmas. Or give it as a thoughtful homemade gift!

A red Christmas stocking with a blue snowflake sewn on it

If you’re looking for craft supplies, you can find everything you need here!

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