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Recycled Toy Stuffing


Recycled toy stuffing 200g

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Bring your child’s toy to life with this recycled toy stuffing. It has a soft and huggable feel, and can help create a teddy bear children will love.

It’s made using recycled plastic bottles, but has the same properties as polyester. That means you’ll get a high-quality end product that’s also eco-friendly.

It’s great for homemade projects. Why not get children involved too? They’ll love the process of stuffing the fabric to add that finishing touch. Other applications include cushions and pillows.

This product conforms to European standards EN71, BS1425 and BS5852, meaning it’s safe to use.

Buy your recycled toy stuffing online from Marent Crafts UK today. If you’re a wholesale customer, get in touch to speak with a friendly member of our team.

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Wadding Fire Retardant 60″ 155cm Wide


Wadding Fire Retardant,
Length: 1m, Roll
Width: 155cm

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  1. Wadding Fire Retardant, 1m, Roll, 155cm width

2oz (70gsm) roll 50m

4oz (135gsm) roll 50m

6oz (200gsm) roll 25m

8oz (270gsm) roll 30m

11oz (300gsm) roll 30m

12oz (340gsm) roll 25m

13oz (375gsm) roll 25m

14oz (400gsm) roll 25m

16oz (450gsm) roll 20m

17oz (475gsm) roll 15m

18oz (500gsm) roll 15m

19oz (550gsm) roll 15m

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2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 13oz, 14oz, 15oz, 16oz, 17oz, 19oz


50cm, 1m, Roll


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Polyester Wadding Professional (Scrim Coated) – 60″ 155cm Wide


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Add extra comfort and support to your home furnishings with this Freudenberg Upholstery Wadding. It’s designed for upholstery, but can also be used for crafts, quilting, pelmets and more.

Incorporate it into your quilting project to add softness, helping to keep you warm on cosy winter nights. It’s also perfect for quilts in children’s bedrooms with its light, springy feel.

Some of our products are vacuum packed, so expect to receive your item with a recyclable inner pack. Please recycle the packaging to help us on our mission to make the crafting and haberdashery industry greener.

Order your Freudenberg Upholstery Wadding online at Marent Crafts UK today, or get in touch to become a wholesale partner.

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Approximate Thickness and Weight

1oz (H100) 40g/m2 – Roughly 3 to 4mm Thick, L 140
2oz (H101) 80g/m2 – Roughly 5 to 6mm Thick,  L 110
2.5oz (H103) – 80gr/ m2,                                   L 90
3oz (H104) 100g/m2 – Roughly 8 to 9mm Thick, L 80
4oz (H105) 120g/m2 – Roughly 11 to 12mm Thick, L 70
5oz (H106) 150g/m2 – Roughly 14 to 15mm Thick, L 60
6oz (H107) 180g/m2 – Roughly 21 to 22mm Thick, L 50
7oz (H108) 200g/m2 – Roughly 24 to 25mm Thick, L 45

Wadding is not measured in thickness it is measured in weight, the measurements are  here as a rough guide.

The thickness of wadding is measured on its maximum puff, wadding can be compressed to nothing and then expand to its original thickness.





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1oz, 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 7oz


50cm, 1m, Roll


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