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Learn more about 14 Christmas Sewing Projects Using A Sewing Machine

14 Christmas Sewing Projects

Check out our curated blog of some easy and not-so-easy Christmas sewing projects using a sewing machine. With all sewing projects we recommend that you use high quality thread which won’t snap, warp or degrade. There’s nothing worse than putting your heart and time into a project for it to quickly fall apart at the seams due to poor quality materials.

1. Cuffed Christmas Stockings

These cute Santa stockings make great mantlepiece decorations or are perfectly sized for classis small Christmas gifts such as satsumas or wrapped chocolates. The sewing is relatively straightforward and should take no more than an afternoon to complete.

2. Advent Calendar Bunting

Gorgeous festive bunting can be re-used year after year – fill it with wrapped chocolates or small toys to make your kids happy in the run up to the big day.

3. Christmas Tree Ornaments

These super little tree ornaments are straightforward for beginners or you can embellish them if you are a more advanced sewer. Using only 3 items – Christmassy fabric, batting and some ribbon, these trees are quick, simple but utterly delightful.

4. Reusable Gift Bags

Why send more rubbish to landfill, when you can create reusable gift bags which are a gift in themselves. Anyone who is eco-minded would love to receive their Christmas gift in one of these pretty bags.

5. Felt Elf Hat

Using a simple design, these felt elf hats make great festive party favours. They are also great for costume parties. These hats are very straightforward, taking around 20 minutes to make. A good project to share with your child.

6. Christmas cushion

An extremely easy project taking only around 15-20 minutes– making a cushion from two Christmas placemats and some wadding – what could be easier?

7. Santa Tote Bag

This is a fun red bag that looks just like part of a Santa suit. Again, this is a relatively quick project and uses only 5 different materials. Don’t forget to use your coordinating threads on each area of the project to give it a professional finish.

8. Quilted Christmas Table Runner

This lovely quilted Christmas Table Runner is a little more complicated than some of the other Christmas sewing projects, uses more materials and will probably need a few hours of sewing time, but you’ll be impressed with the finished result. Marent crafts recommends our Fire Retardant Wadding for this project.

9. Santa Sack

This pattern is a very clear step-by-step guide to sewing your own Santa Sack for the big day. It uses appliqué to attach the star, but you could use the initial letters of your children’s names so there’s no question over whose sack is whose.

10. Fabric ‘paper’ chains

Making Christmas paper chains used to be a common childhood activity. This fabric ‘paper’ chain project that would be good for showing your child how to use a sewing machine. A short chain for the mantlepiece or a long one that goes all the way around the house – you choose.

11. Fabric Cutlery Holder

Jazz up your Christmas lunch table with this lovely fabric cutlery holders. Using contrasting fabrics and interfacing these are straightforward and make your table look very elegant.

12. Infinity Scarf

This scarf is very easy to sew but looks wonderful – anyone receiving one of these scarfs as a gift will be delighted. Don’t forget to use only the best quality fabric and thread.

13. Christmas Place Mat

Another easy Christmas sewing project which could be completed in an hour or two. This project also uses interfacing to give the place mat a bit of weight. You could use different fabrics on each side – one for Christmas, one for summer, perhaps?

14. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This fun Christmas tree design comes with detachable velcro shapes so children can decorate it and redecorate it to their hearts’ content. It has 24 miniature pockets for the countdown to Christmas and is quick to sew so you’ve still got time to whip up your own version before December.

For materials such as wadding, interlining, cord and thread our thread comes in a range of colours and we supply coats moon thread, overlocking thread., visit our shop and get started on your sewing projects today!

We’d love to see any pictures of your Christmas sewing projects, so why not visit our Facebook page and post one there for us.

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