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Earth Day 2023 – Sustainability Everyday


At Marent Craftswe don’t just think about sustainability once a year. For us, we think about this every day!

Here at Marent Craft our absolute top priority is sustainability for the betterment of this beautiful planet that we share. We would go so far as to say that we value sustainability over profit. Way above.

Lets explain…

Whilst other companies in the industry may go to farther and stranger shores to find bargains for their ware, we stay as close to home as possible, and only buy directly from the source. We won’t just buy any old thing either. We only supply the best quality products, and only if that product is the most sustainable version.

The brands we carry Must share our ethos, otherwise we simply cannot promote that brand.

Thankfully, all our suppliers, manufacturers, and brand owners are most definitely in line with us.

Whether it be recycled fibres for the wadding and interfacing from Freudenberg, the elimination of cellophane from Coats and Gutermann, the 100% eco friendly detergent from Soak, the bamboo range from Prym, or all the other eco friendly products, we won’t sacrifice our message in the name of profit.

We hope that you share our passion for Planet Earth, and we hope that, like us, you’re willing to spend a little bit more on not only a superior product, but on a product that is designed with sustainability in mind.

Our Partners

Here’s what some of the brands we work with do for Earth!

The brands that we work with really do have sustainability at the core of what they do and we align ourselves with brands that have values as we do.

Freudenberg Performance Materials recycles around 7 million PET bottles per day and around 2.5 billion PET bottles per year in its European plants. The length of these bottles taken together would reach 15 times around the earth.

Soak’s bottles, caps and labels have always been recyclable and printed with water-based inks. And as of 2013, all our bottles have been made from post-consumer resin, which means they’ve already been recycled once.

From bamboo knitting needles to buttons, our growing range of Prym sustainable quality products are affordable and provide you peace of mind that you’re helping the environment. No matter the type of knitting, crocheting, or materials you’re working with, Prym 1530 is the choice for you.

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Learn more about sewing with an Easy Informative Guide To Sewing Products [2021 Edition]

An Informative Guide To Sewing Products

Sewing is a very popular pastime, but it is quite technical and can be a bit daunting for beginners. It’s a very therapeutic activity though and is well worth spending some time finding your way around all the different items you might need when completing a sewing project. We don’t have time to do a full A-Z here. But let’s demystify some of the sewing products that are commonly used.

What is wadding?

Wadding, also known as batting in the US, is often made from polyester fibres and is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics. Polyester wadding is often used in quilt making and helps you to produce a quilt that is soft, comfortable and warm. Quilt wadding may also be made from natural fibres such as bamboo, silk or cotton. These tend to flatten more than made-made fibres such as polyester. Natural fibres are more breathable whereas man-made tend to wash better. Bamboo wadding is becoming more popular as an eco-friendly alternative for quilting.


Wadding is sold in different weights, commonly 2oz, 4oz and 6oz and can usually be purchased by the metre or half-metre. It may come scrim-coated which means there is a light net-like covering which holds the fibres together. As well as prevents the wadding from being pulled apart. Wadding without scrim-coating is softer, but not as durable. Marent crafts also offers a Fire-Retardant wadding in 5 different weights.

What is interfacing and interlining?

The terms interlining and interfacing are often used interchangeably in sewing. The primary function of interfacing is to provide strength, shape and stability around different parts of a garment such as collars, cuffs and buttonholes. Interlining comes in a variety of weights and may be sew-on or fusible (that is they stick to the outer fabric by heating). As these products are non-woven fabric, they will not fray so you can trim them after sewing. This includes bonding if necessary. The trade name in the UK is Vilene/Vliesilene. The weight you require depends on exactly where you are using the interlining in your garment. Bondaweb is another fusible interfacing which is suitable for fancy appliques and repairs.

9 Steps to Becoming a Sewing Master

We’ve even been kind enough to create a video which showcase 9 top sewing skills you need to be a master so be sure to check it out below!

What is bias binding tape?

Bias binding tape, or sometimes known as bias tape or simply bias binding, is used for binding seams, creating piping. For example on the edges of cushions or for finishing raw edges and detail on garments. Such as across pocket tops or around armholes or the neckline. It comes in a variety of colours and is may also be used to create button loops or drawstrings for bags. Bias binding is a highly versatile product and Marent Crafts offers a choice of 10 colours in a 12.5mm width. 

Bias Binding

What is Texacro?

You’ve most likely heard of Velcro which is an adhesive product that uses a repositionable hook and loop system to enable you to stick two pieces of fabric together. It’s also used to fasten and undo the Velcro many times over the lifetime of the product. Texacro is also made by Velcro, but is a lower quality, less expensive version which lasts for around 1,000 cycles of put together-pull apart. Compared to the premium Velcro product which lasts up to 10,000 cycles on average.

Velcro and Texacro are made from nylon and polyester. They come either black or white and in a range of widths to suit a variety of projects. Velcro is often used instead of zips, buttons or laces. It was made famous by NASA in the 1960s when it was used to fasten down pens and other items during Apollo missions. Here at Marent we offer both Velcro and its less expensive cousin Texacro.

So, there are you have it, a quick tour around some commonly used sewing products. We recommend Stitchless TV, a YouTube channel which takes you right from the basics of learning how to sew.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the wonderful world of sewing machines and how to create fancy stitches.

Make sure to follow us on Social Media for all our latest updates!

Here is one of our client reviews.

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Festival of Quilts

We are so looking forward to The Festival of Quilts which is taking place this week!! It is one of the largest and most prestigious quilting events in the world and it is taking place in the U.K. It will attract quilt-makers, textile artists, and enthusiasts.

Marent Crafts cannot wait to visit to see all of the festival showcases, making this event a diverse and inclusive celebration of quilting as an art form.

One of the main highlights for us at this event is the display of stunning quilts and textile art pieces created by talented artists and quilters.

With lots of categories and entries including, Traditional, Two person NEW – Sustainable quilts, quilt creation, pictorial quilts, novice, pictorial, creations, miniature, modern quilts and group quilts, this will be an amazing showcase with no limits! Prizes and recognition will be awarded to each category!

Workshops and Masterclasses will be conducted by experts in the field! We will be looking forward to seeing representatives and friends Janet from Vlieseline and Sharron from Bosal, along with Kerrie from Living in Loveliness. They will showcase the amazing techniques their brands innovate.

Marent Craft has a huge selection of waddings from the brands and we are very much looking forward to seeing these made into beautiful works of art.

Wholesale Wadding | Upholstery & Fire Retardant | Marent Crafts

Some of our favourites at Marent are:

Patchwork Quilts and Sustainable Quilts using

Vlieseline/Vilene 268 Bamboo Mix 50/50

Appliqué Quilts and Heirloom quilts

Vlieseline 277 Wadding 100% Cotton | Marent Crafts UK

Memory QUILTS using

Fusible Interfacing for Quilts – 60″ x 72″ | Marent Crafts Haberdashery

We look forward to meeting the wonderful quilting community, friends John Cole-Morgan and the Quilters Guild, we will be up-dating you on and exchanging ideas and sharing the passion for quilting when we are back next week!!

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Summer Travel Solutions

Summer Travel and Storage Solutions: Your Perfect Crafting Companions From Prym

As the temperature rises and the yearning for new adventures begins, we know that the enthusiastic crafter’s desire to continue creating should never be compromised. The thought of leaving your beloved projects behind while embarking on your summer adventures may seem unthinkable.

At Marent Crafts, we proudly present you with Prym’s premium summer travel and storage solutions. Offering an exceptional range of haberdashery summer travel and storage items, these solutions promise to meet the demands of on-the-go crafters and keep your creativity flowing no matter where your journey takes you.

The Importance of Quality for Summer Travels and Storage Solutions for Crafting Tools

When we think of summer travels, we often picture ourselves packing our suitcases with sun hats, flip-flops, sunscreen, and swimwear. But what about our cherished crafting tools and materials? They, too, deserve a place in our luggage. Here’s where the right crafting summer travels and storage solutions come into play.

The quality of haberdashery and storage items can significantly influence your crafting experience, especially during travel. Quality translates to durability, which ensures your tools can withstand the rigours of transportation. Additionally, well-crafted tools provide a higher level of comfort and ease of use, which is vital when crafting outside your usual workspace.

Prym stands tall when it comes to quality. Offering an exquisite range of storage solutions for crafting tools, Prym ensures that your crafting journey continues uninterrupted, whether by the calming beach waves, amidst the lush green countryside, or on a craft retreat.

Top Prym Products for On-the-Go Crafters

At Marent Crafts, we have handpicked some of Prym’s top products offering the ultimate travel-friendly features. Each product has been thoughtfully designed, ensuring that your crafting passions remain unhindered, no matter where you are.

1.Prym Store & Travel Backpack Favourite Friends

Imagine a spacious backpack that carries all your craft essentials comfortably and securely while also being delightful to carry around. The Prym Store & Travel Backpack Favourite Friends is just that. Its innovative design offers ample space for matching storage boxes and even includes an integral laptop bag. With a high level of padding, your crafting tools are well-protected, and you can enjoy support and comfort while creating on-the-go. This ensures you are always prepared to unleash your creativity without any worries.

2. Pink and Mint Prym Love Starter Set Sewing

As any seasoned crafter will tell you, having a well-stocked sewing kit is essential. The Prym Love Starter Set Sewing, available in charming pink and refreshing mint colours, is ideal for storing and carrying your sewing essentials.

With two layers of sewing essentials, including a fantastic pair of scissors, these kits are a compact solution for your crafting needs. We do not doubt that you’ll fall in love with them, just as we did!

3. Prym Patch Bag

If quilting is your passion, the Prym Patch Bag is a must-have. Quilting often requires various small tools, so having a bag that holds them all is essential. This patch bag simplifies that process by providing a space designed specifically for quilting enthusiasts. Now, whether creating a new quilt or working on an existing one, this bag ensures your journey remains uninterrupted.

4. Prym Quilter’s Travel Case

The Prym Quilter’s Travel Case is a highly-regarded tool for those passionate about quilting. It offers ample room for storing essential quilting accessories like rotary cutters, needles, yarn, small rulers, and more. Sized at a handy 35cm x 36cm x 7cm, this travel bag can also be used as a work pad, demonstrating versatility at its finest.

How to Shop for Prym Products on Marent Crafts

Shopping for Prym products on Marent Crafts is a breeze. Browse through our extensive product catalogue at your leisure. Once you’ve selected, add the items to your cart and checkout. Our user-friendly platform guarantees a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience.

Enhance Your Crafting Experience With Pryms Travel and Storage Solutions

Prym’s travel and storage solutions, renowned for their durable and functional design, cater to the ever-evolving travelling needs of crafters worldwide. These tools and accessories aren’t just about storage, but also about enhancing your overall crafting experience. They inspire creativity, foster organisation, and provide an uninterrupted crafting journey, no matter where you are.

So, are you ready to embark on your next crafting adventure? Don’t compromise your passion for travelling and crafting. Unleash your creativity anywhere, anytime with Prym’s travel and storage solutions. Shop now at Marent Crafts, and let your creative journey take flight!

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How to Earn Money by Making and Selling Arts & Crafts


How to Earn Money by Making and Selling Arts & Crafts

In this era of mass production, the allure of handmade, unique, and personal items has grown stronger. This resurgence of interest in arts and crafts has created a golden opportunity for artists and craft-makers to turn their passion into a profitable business. Whether you are interested in sewing, embroidery, pottery, painting, or paper crafts, there’s a market out there eager to purchase your creations.

Why Consider Arts & Crafts as a Business Opportunity?

In addition to giving an outlet for your creative energy, an arts & crafts business can provide a fulfilling and flexible career option. It offers the opportunity to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home while generating a substantial income. Moreover, being your own boss, you can direct your business in a way that aligns with your personal interests and values.

The Rising Demand for Handmade Crafts

The charm of handmade crafts lies in their uniqueness and the skill and dedication involved in their creation. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly digitised and impersonal, handmade crafts offer a personal touch that consumers appreciate. Furthermore, with sustainability becoming a pressing concern, many consumers are turning to handmade crafts as an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced items.

Identifying Your Art & Craft Niche

Aiming to please everyone often results in pleasing no one. The same principle applies in the crafts business. By focusing on a specific niche, you can develop products that meet a targeted audience’s specific needs and tastes, giving you a competitive edge.

A well-defined niche in a crowded marketplace can help your business stand out. It enables you to concentrate your marketing efforts on a specific market segment, making it easier to reach your potential customers. Moreover, focusing on a niche can help you build a loyal customer base who appreciate and seek out your particular style or product.

The world of arts & crafts is diverse, ranging from textile crafts like sewing, knitting, and embroidery to paper crafts, pottery, jewellery making, painting, and so much more. You could focus on one type of craft or combine a few related ones to create unique products. The key is choosing something you enjoy and can see yourself doing for a long time.

Creating Your Crafts: Sourcing Materials and Tools

The quality of your crafts significantly depends on the materials and tools you use. High-quality materials and the right tools can make the crafting process more enjoyable and the final product more appealing.

Sourcing high-quality and sustainable materials can enhance the appeal of your crafts. Many consumers today are willing to pay a premium for products made with sustainable materials due to their lower environmental impact. Moreover, using high-quality materials can improve the look and durability of your crafts, making them more attractive to customers.

Developing Your Crafting Skills

Crafting is a skill that requires practice and dedication. Creating crafts regularly will help you become more confident in your crafting abilities and allow you to refine and enhance your techniques.

You can improve your crafting skills by attending craft classes and workshops or watching online tutorials. These can provide you with new ideas, techniques, and inspiration. They can also offer the opportunity to receive feedback on your work and learn from other experienced craft-makers.

While attending classes and watching tutorials can teach you new techniques, it is through consistent practice that you can truly hone your skills. Through practice, you can also develop your unique style, which can become your signature in the market.







Determining Your Craft Pricing

Pricing your crafts can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a crafts business. You need to price your crafts in a way that covers your costs, provides you with a fair profit, and is still attractive to customers. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Cost of Materials and Labour

The price of your crafts should at least cover the cost of materials and labour. Remember to value your time and skills and include a fair wage for yourself in the cost of labour.

  1. Market Value of Similar Crafts

Research what similar crafts are selling for in the market to get an idea of what customers are willing to pay. However, avoid underpricing your crafts to compete on price. Instead, provide value through unique designs, high-quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship.

  1. Perceived Value and Price Psychology

The perceived value of your crafts can influence what customers are willing to pay. This is where branding, storytelling, and presentation can play a significant role. The better you are at showcasing the value of your crafts, the more customers may be willing to pay.








Marketing Your Crafts: Branding & Storytelling

In the crafts business, you’re not just selling a product but a story, an experience, and a piece of yourself. Branding and storytelling are essential for conveying the value of your crafts to customers.

A strong brand can set your crafts apart in a crowded market—it’s the visual and emotional image that comes to mind when people think of your business. It can influence customers’ perceptions of your crafts, their decision to buy, and their loyalty.

Social media is a powerful tool for showcasing your work, connecting with customers, and promoting your crafts business. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are particularly effective for visual products like crafts. Regularly posting images of your crafts, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your crafting process, and engaging with your followers can help build a community around your brand.

Selling Your Crafts Online

The internet has opened up a global market for craft makers. You can sell your crafts to customers around the world from the comfort of your home.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are popular platforms for selling crafts. They offer a ready-made audience of millions of users looking for unique, handmade products. However, they also have their own rules, fees, and competition. Understanding how these platforms work is important to make the most of them.

Selling Your Crafts Offline

While online sales can reach a global audience, selling your crafts offline allows customers to see, touch, and feel your crafts before buying.

Craft fairs and markets are excellent venues for showcasing your crafts, meeting potential customers face-to-face, and getting immediate feedback. Research local events, understand their audience and requirements, and prepare an attractive display of your crafts.

Consigning or wholesaling your products to local stores can increase sales and visibility. However, it’s important to choose stores that cater to your target market and to understand the terms of consignment or wholesale agreements.

The Fulfilment of Running an Arts & Crafts Business

Running an arts & crafts business can be a rewarding endeavour. It not only provides the satisfaction of earning from doing what you love but also allows you to bring beauty and joy into people’s lives. You can turn your love for crafts into a successful business with passion, skill, and the right approach.

About Marent Crafts

Marent Crafts is a leading supplier of crafts and haberdashery, offering a wide selection of quality materials and tools. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a craft business owner, Marent Crafts is committed to supporting your creative journey. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Marent Crafts helps you create crafts you can be proud of.

Ready to turn your passion for crafts into a profitable venture? Start your journey with Marent Crafts today! Explore our extensive range of crafting supplies and embark on a fulfilling and creative adventure.

If you would like to find out more about our products or simply have any questions, please get in contact with us VIA email:

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We Now Stock OLFA!!!

Marent Crafts  are so proud and happy to launch product on our website


In the world of tools and cutting equipment, one name stands out as a symbol of precision, quality, and innovation: Olfa. With a rich history spanning over six decades, Olfa has established itself as a leader in the industry, consistently delivering cutting-edge products to meet the evolving needs of professionals and hobbyists alike.




Olfa offers precision cutting, safety features, durability, versatility, ergonomic designs, and innovative blade technology!!

What you can use an OLFA ART KNIFE for:



  • Craft
  • Tape
  • Sewing Threads
  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Window Tint
  • Window Film
  • Packaging
  • Tape
  •  Wallpaper     
  •  Shrink Wrap 
  • PVC
  • Vinyl Leatherette
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Fabrics
  • Cardboard
  • Karndean Flooring
  • Wood Veneer
  • Foam Board
  • Plaster Board or Drywall
  • Fiber glass Insulation
  • Trim wood Shims
  • Roofing Felt   
  • Roofing Shingles   
  • Cut Dried Caulk
  • Wood
  • Cable Insulation   

Designer’s Art and Model Making Knife


Pretty amazing!

OLFA offer a lifetime guarantee covering the majority of the tool handles.

The scheme can be obtained through the customer registration link, where the customer will need to register the tool within 28 days of purchase to be eligible.

The customer registration link is

OLFA Lifetime Guarantee


Here are some helpful craft tips!!!

  1. Rotary Cutter Tips:
  • Always use a cutting mat underneath your fabric to protect your work surface and ensure smooth cutting.
  • Keep your rotary cutter blades sharp by regularly replacing them. Dull blades can lead to jagged cuts or fabric snagging.
  • Use a ruler or straight edge to guide your rotary cutter for straight lines and precise cuts.
  • When cutting curves or intricate shapes, consider using smaller rotary cutters or specialty blades for more control.
  • Apply gentle and even pressure while cutting to maintain control and avoid cutting through multiple layers unintentionally.

  1. Craft Knife Tips:
  • Choose the appropriate craft knife blade for your project. Olfa offers various blade types, such as standard, precision, or specialty blades, depending on the material and level of detail required.
  • Hold the craft knife firmly but avoid gripping it too tightly, as it may hinder your control and precision.
  • When cutting intricate designs or curves, make small, controlled cuts rather than attempting to cut the entire shape in one stroke.
  • Use a cutting mat or a protective surface to prevent damage to your work area and ensure a clean, uninterrupted cut.
  • Keep spare blades on hand and replace them when they become dull to maintain optimal cutting performance.

  1. Cutting Mat Tips:
  • Select a cutting mat appropriate for your crafting needs. Olfa offers different sizes and types of mats, including self-healing mats that help protect your blades and prolong their lifespan.
    • Place your cutting mat on a stable surface to ensure it stays in place while cutting.
    • Rotate your mat periodically to distribute wear evenly and extend its longevity.
    • Clean your cutting mat regularly by wiping it with a damp cloth or using a soft brush to remove any debris or fabric fibers.

    1. Specialty Blade Tips:
    • Experiment with Olfa’s specialty blades for specific crafting techniques. For example, a pinking blade can create decorative edges on fabric, while a wave blade adds texture to paper projects.
    • Before using specialty blades, practice on scrap materials to familiarize yourself with the effect and adjust your cutting technique if needed.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for changing and handling specialty blades to ensure safe and efficient use.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Take some time to become familiar with your Olfa tools and experiment with different techniques to discover what works best for your specific crafting projects. Happy crafting!

We hope you enjoy the Olfa high-quality cutting tools as much as we do at Marent Crafts!!

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The World Of Dressmaking

Into The World Of Dressmaking

As we delve into the world of dressmaking, we are thrilled to bring you the latest updates, tips, and product recommendations to help you craft your finest garments. This month, we draw inspiration from the renowned “Great British Sewing Bee” and highlight two essential dressmaking products: Gutermann thread and Vlieseline interfacing.

Gutermann Thread: The Seamstress’ Best Friend

When it comes to sewing, one cannot underestimate the importance of high-quality thread. Gutermann, a household name in the sewing community, has been producing top-notch threads for over 150 years. Renowned for their durability, smoothness, and extensive color range, Gutermann threads are a dressmaker’s best friend.

Whether you’re stitching delicate fabrics or tackling heavy-duty projects, Gutermann thread ensures your stitches are strong and secure. Our Gutermann Mara threads are made of 100% polyester and produced from unique Micro Core technology. making it ideal for a wide range of sewing techniques. From basting to quilting, serging to hand stitching, Gutermann thread delivers exceptional results.

Create flawlessly smooth seams and apply to a range of clothing items with our wide colour selection. The tear and abrasion resistance will create a long-lasting finish whilst keeping an ideal appearance.

Pro Tip: To achieve a flawless finish, match your Gutermann thread color to your fabric or opt for a slightly darker shade. This helps camouflage any imperfections and enhances the overall aesthetic of your garment.

Vlieseline Interfacing: Elevating Your Garments

To create beautifully structured garments, one mustn’t overlook the importance of interfacing. Vlieseline, a trusted name in the industry, offers a range of high-quality interfacings suitable for a variety of fabric types.

Interfacing serves as a supportive layer, providing stability and structure to specific areas of your garments such as collars, cuffs, and buttonholes. Vlieseline’s interfacing options include fusible, sew-in, and even bi-elastic varieties, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your project.

With Vlieseline interfacing, you can achieve clean lines, sharp edges, and professional-looking finishes. Whether you’re working with delicate silks or heavy woolens, their wide range of products ensures you’ll find the perfect match for your fabric and design.

The Great British Sewing Bee: Inspiration and Education

As lovers of dressmaking, we’re sure you’re familiar with the widely acclaimed “Great British Sewing Bee” television series. This captivating show brings together talented sewers from all walks of life, challenging them to complete intricate sewing tasks and showcasing their creativity under pressure.

Watching the Sewing Bee not only serves as entertainment but also provides invaluable insight into different sewing techniques, garment construction, and problem-solving skills. Take inspiration from the contestants’ projects, study their approach to challenges, and expand your sewing horizons. The show can be a treasure trove of ideas, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dressmaker.

Sewing Bee Product Special

To celebrate our Sewing Bee inspiration, we’re offering a 10% discount on all Gutermann thread and Vlieseline interfacing products throughout the month of May. Use the code “BEESEW” during checkout on our website or present this newsletter at our physical store to avail the discount. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to stock up on these essential dressmaking supplies!

We hope this blog has inspired you to embark on new dressmaking adventures and explore the fantastic products endorsed by the Great British Sewing Bee. Remember, the world of sewing is as limitless as your imagination.

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The Stitch Festival

Marent Crafts were so excited to be part of The Stitch Festival this year at the Islington Design Center, we were on stand number H59! The show was very busy and we had the chance to meet many lovely customers. We really enjoyed listening and hearing about all of the impressive makes that were underway with buyers at the show.

We had lots of products that stood out from the crowds, buyers were pleased that they could get all their dressmaking and sewing products in one place.

Such a great experience to meet so many people in one place with lots of fun fuelled events taking place.

Marent Crafts were able to hold a daily prize give away on the stand exclusively from Vlieseline.

Two of our happy prize winners!

Here were some show highlights!

  • A trend for neons at the moment, our neon wool range sold out and our customers absoloutly loved our neon thread sets!!!
    Something to brighten up these rainy days!!
  • Our Bias Bindings were also a hit as many customers said they find binding hard to come by and we have a huge selection of colours and great prices, so that was fantastic to hear!!

  • Having John Cole-Morgan on our Stand!!

We were joined on our Marent Crafts stand by John Cole-Morgan who did a fantastic job of demonstrating the Vlieseline range for quilting.                       

“He is polite, friendly, funny and knows what he was talking about!!! “

Quilters highlights from the Vlieseline craft range were the quilters grid, quick screen triangle and quick screen square. The products are all solutions to help quilters in their projects achieve the neat and speedy results they are after!!

Vlieseline Quilters Grid

Fusible nonwoven for watercolor quilts with printed-on 1-inch-grid lines; brown and fine printed lines, 90cm x 15m


Vlieseline Quick Screen Triangle

Interfacing with printed grid in an 60° angle, 90cm x 15m


Vlieseline Quick Screen Square

Interfacing with printed 1×1 cm grid in an 90° angle, 90cm x 30m


Quilt Wadding

Shop our volume fleece range for the best fleece, wadding, batting, and more


Dress Making Sponsors

Marent Crafts were also the proud Sponsors of the Dressmaking Competition that took place on Sunday!!!

The Dressmaking Competition was open to all contemporary dressmakers who wanted the opportunity to share their creations on The Stitch Festival stage.

The competition featured six categories this year, including a NEW for 2023 Menswear category.

This year’s incredible judging panel included, David Morrish of Kingfly Embroidery, Hand Knit Designer Jeanette Sloan, Josie Hawes – founder of Fabric Godmother and Elisalex de Castro Peake, co-found of By Hand London! 

Winners of each Category

Best in Competition (Upcycled/Repurposed category)   Regina Fox-Galassi

Knitwear / Crochet  Gail Jones

Eveningwear Ksenia Semirova


Childrenswear (Ages 2-14)  Tetiana Shelepun




Upcycled/Repurposed Davide Berardi,                      

Menswear      Michał  Wilamowski

Judging taking place Josie Hawes – founder of Fabric Godmother & Elisalex de Castro Peake, co-found of By Hand London

Congratulations to the winners of the Dressmaking Competition this year! We’ve loved sponsoring and promoting creativity and we can’t wait to see what they get up to next! 

Marent Crafts were thrilled to be part of all of these exciting creative events and look forward to the next Craft Show at the festival of quilts this year!!

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A Simple Christmas Craft for your Stockings | Marent Crafts

Looking for a simple Christmas craft to make this year?

The Christmas season is upon us, and it’s time to decorate for Santa and get into the festive spirit! This is a simple Christmas craft to make with kids aged +10, but be careful of the needle!

What you will need:

  1. A Christmas stocking or a plain colour sock
  2. A scrap of fabric 
  3. A picture of your chosen pattern
  4. A needle
  5. Thread
Red Christmas stocking

Patterns to use:

Christmas clipart images to use as inspiration
These are candy, bow, ornaments, snowflake, Santa's face, snowman, Christmas tree, stars and candy cane



Copy one of the patterns above and draw it onto the piece of fabric to match the style and size of your desired design, this will be used as a guide to work from, and will be placed on the inside of the sock or Christmas stocking.

Step 2

Tie a knot at the end of the thread before you start, then at your starting point, preferably the centre of your design, poke up from the back of the socks when stitching. 

A person sewing a beige thread into white cloth

Step 3

Trace the drawing on your piece of fabric by stitching across the lines. If you keep the same back to front movement of the thread, this will make sure the front of the stocking shows the pattern.


  1. Don’t pull on the thread too tightly to avoid ruining the design proportions
  2. Tying a knot to the end of your thread is crucial to avoid it coming out from the other side so always remember to do it before you start threading.
  3. Overlap your stitches, this helps to make the finished look seem fuller and helps to hide any small mistakes
  4. Remember to enjoy the process and be patient, learning a new skill can be fun and ‘practice makes perfect’!


Hang your handmade stocking on a fireplace or bedpost and show off your DIY skills to your family this Christmas. Or give it as a thoughtful homemade gift!

A red Christmas stocking with a blue snowflake sewn on it

If you’re looking for craft supplies, you can find everything you need here!

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The Different Types of Wadding


Are you a crafter that likes to get creative? Or perhaps you are a retailer that requires wadding in bulk to meet the demands of your customers. Whether it’s your next sewing and quilting venture or if you’re simply meeting the demand, we have a wide range of wadding that you can choose from. There are numerous different types of wadding that we will explore in this post.

What is wadding?

Wadding is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics – typically used in quilt making. Essentially what it does is fill the quilts enabling them to keep you warm.

Different types of wadding include cotton, polyester, wool, cotton/poly blends and even fusible batting.


How should I choose a wadding?

It’s important to choose wadding based on:

  • Loft – the weight and thickness of the wadding. If you want your wadding to have a flat finish, it’s best to choose a low loft. For a quilt, it’s best to choose wadding with a higher loft.
  • Warmth – if the wadding is designed for a quilt, it would be best to choose a wadding with good thermal properties.
  • Colour – if your project is dark in colour, it would make sense to select a black wadding, so it is not highly visible through the fabric once it is made.
  • Time – if time is an issue for you, we recommend selecting a wadding that is not overly time-consuming.

Now, let’s dive into the benefits of each one!

100% Cotton Wadding

Cotton is the most traditional choice for quilting due to its natural form. It is preferred for its soft, breathable texture and overall comfort. Cotton remains ideal for machine quilting and is also a natural fibre, meaning it is more flame resistant than synthetic products. Remember to wash and thoroughly dry a cotton wadding first, as it will shrink slightly after washing!


Polyester Wadding

Polyester is a more cost effective alternative and has brilliant washable properties. It holds its shape and provides a thicker finish but without any added weight. It is easier to be sewn by hand, and therefore ideal for hand-quilting.


Wool Wadding

Wool is typically known for its amazing insulation properties. Due to its warmth, it best lends itself to bed covers and lap quilts but also remains ideal for hand, machine and tied quilting.


Cotton/Poly Blend Wadding

There are a wide variety of blends available that are designed to combine the best properties of the different fibres, for example, a cotton/poly blend allows the durability of the polyester, but also provides the loft and ease of the cotton.


Fusible Wadding

Fusible wadding is double-sided and iron-on which means it is perfect for craft projects or children’s quilts where frequent washing is required. When making bags, we recommend using fusible wadding as it adds stability to the bag structure and keeps the layers together because it effectively eliminates the need for pin or spray-basting and is a huge time-saver.


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