Sewing Threads

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Showing all 45 results

When working on a crafting project, you’ll need a strong, durable sewing thread to ensure your fabric doesn’t come loose. It can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful end product.

At Marent Crafts UK, you’ll find a range of industry-leading, high-quality sewing thread in a wide range of thread counts, from professional brands Coats and Gutermann. Our threads are highly-durable, meaning you don’t have to worry about them breaking. The threads can be used in sewing machines, overlockers and for hand sewing, too. Using these threads will provide efficiency for professional dressmaking, costume making, education textile departments and in sewing projects.

Most of our threads are made from polyester. This is a really versatile thread, as it can be used with lots of different fabrics and stitches. It’s also very durable compared to other types of thread, like cotton. Ideal for sewing and overlocking.

You can find a range of colours, from light warms like baby pink to dark bolds, such as deep blue. Contact us if you need help picking the best thread for your project or would like to use our colour matching service.