Fusible Interfacing

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Showing all 7 results

Whether you’re creating a new garment, or repairing an old one, you can find a range of fusible interlining at Marent Crafts UK to suit your needs. It’s perfect for projects such as cuffs, collars, bags, purses and more. Shirts without fusible interlining, for example, won’t hold their shape well. By using this product, you can add more rigidity to your garments, making them last longer. 

If you’ve not used it before, fusible interlining is used to bond fabric together. It’s coated with thermoplastic adhesive resin, and is applied by ironing it on to the fabric. All you have to do is iron it on, using the heat to melt the glue, and hold it down for 30 seconds. 

There are a range of iron on options to choose from at Marent Crafts UK, including lightweight and medium options. Browse our selection to find your perfect match, or get in touch if you need help choosing the right one for your project.

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