Blue Coats Moon Thread – Sewing Machine Polyester


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This Coats Moon thread set contains five shades of blue for a range of crafting projects: M0114 (M114), M0228 (M228), M0063 (M63), M0001 (M1), M0102 (M102) x 2

Match the tone perfectly with your fabric to create a seamless and professional looking finish on your items.

With Coats Moon thread, you’ll enjoy low fault levels, meaning you can work on your project without any interruptions. Not only that, the thread is made from high quality, durable 100% polyester. This will make your item last longer, even after repeat washing.

This Blue Coats Moon Thread set contains 10 spools each made up of 1000 yards of thread. Buy yours online from Marent Crafts UK, or get in touch to become a wholesale partner.

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