Coats Moon 120 Polyester Sewing Thread 1000y by Cop or Box


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At Marent Crafts UK, you can choose from a huge selection of Coats Moon 120 Polyester Sewing Thread, with over 70 colours available. Find the perfect match for your fabric, so you can create a cohesive overall look.

120 polyester sewing thread is lint free and smooth. As a result, you’ll achieve even stitching results, making for a neat and professional looking end product. It’s also durable, offering low fault levels – helping to make your sewing more efficient without any interruptions.

Buy a cop or a box of 10, each with 1000 yards of thread. Ideal for both small and large projects, depending on your requirements.

Available threads colours:

White, Black, Natural, M0001 (Royal Blue M1), M0002 (Pastel Yellow M2), M0003 (Sunshine Yellow M3), M0011 (M011), M0012 (M012), M0023 (M023), M0025 (M025), M0037 (M037), M0039 (M039), M0050 (M050), M0053 (M053), M0055 (M055), M0057 (M057), M0061 (M061), M0073 (M073), M0078 (M078), M0079 (M079),  M0015 (M015), M0024 (Lilac), M0034 (M034), M0038 (Green M038), M0056 (Brown M056), M0063 (Baby Blue M063), M0076 (Unbleached White M076), M0081 (M081), M0086 (M086),  M0082 (Light Grey M082), M0083 (Dark Grey M083), M0088 (M088), M0090 (M090), M0091 (M091), M0092 (M092), M0097 (Orange M097), M0098 (M098),  M0102 (M102), M0103 (Grass Green M103), M0108 (Taupe M108), M0112 (M112), M0114 (M114), M0201 (Baby Yellow M201), M0202 (M202), M0203 (M203), M0206 (Baby Pink M206), M0208 (M208), M0209 (Pastel Pink M209), M0211 (M211), M0213 (M213), M0216 (Xmas Red M216), M0217 (Red M217), M0219 (M219), M0220 (M220), M0221 (Purple M221), M0222 (M222), M0223 (M223), M0224 (M224), M0225 (M225), M0228 (Pastel Blue M228), M0240 (Cream M240), M0250 (M250), M0106 (M106), M0109 (M109), M0110 (M110), M0233 (M233), M0234 (M234), M0241 (M241), M0244 (M244), M0245 (M245), M0246 (M246), M0247 (M247), M0249 (M249), 38363(M0534), 36676(M0561), 52ANT (M0564), 0540F (M0565)

Additional information

Weight751 g

1 cop, Box 10


White, M0002, M0201, M0202, M0003, M0098, M0249, M0073, M0011, M0097, M0203, M0241, M0078, M0079, M0015, M0012, M0217, M0216, M0055, M0209, M0208, M0206, M0211, M0057, M0213, M0023, M0024, M0220, M0219, M0092, M0091, M0025, M0221, M0500, M0502, M0063, M0001, M0233, M0228, M0102, M0090, M0114, M0224, M0234, M0034, M0103, M0225, M0038, M0222, M0039, M0061, M0223, M0106, Natural, M0076, M0240, M0050, M0108, M0053, M0056, M0109, M0037, M0081, M0110, M0112, M0245, M0244, M0246, M0247, M0082, M0088, M0083, M0250, M0086, Black, M0534(38363), M0565(0540F), M0561(36676), M0564(52ANT)