Prym Darning Needles short HT 5/0-1/0 silver col ass.


Prym Darning Needles are made of hardened steel for durability. Choose from short and long needles for various darning tasks. Rust-resistant and burr-free, they offer smooth sewing. Perfect for wool garments, socks, and delicate fabrics.

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Prym Darning Needles: High-Quality Needles for Darning Wool and Finer Fabrics

Upgrade your darning projects with Prym Darning Needles, designed for both finer and coarser darning tasks. These premium sewing needles are made of hardened steel, ensuring durability and a smooth sewing experience. The tapered tip and burr-free surface make them ideal for gliding through materials without damaging the fabric, while their rust-resistant construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Prym Darning Needles come in various sizes to suit a range of darning needs. The shorter needles are perfect for wool garments and socks, while the longer needles are ideal for more delicate darning tasks. These needles feature a larger eye, making it easy to thread thicker yarns and wool. This versatility makes them a great addition to any sewing kit.  Whether you’re darning socks, mending wool sweaters, or working on fine fabrics, Prym Darning Needles offer the quality and flexibility you need.

Key Features:

  • For Finer and Coarser Darning Tasks: Ideal for wool garments, socks, and more delicate darning.
  • Made of Hardened Steel: Ensures durability and rust resistance.
  • Tapered Tip: Allows easy gliding through fabric without causing damage.
  • Larger Eye: Accommodates thicker yarns and wool.

Enhance your darning projects with Prym Darning Needles. Order your set today and enjoy the benefits of these high-quality sewing needles for a wide range of darning tasks.

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