Vlieseline Perfect Dressmaking Bundle 1m


Elevate your dressmaking experience with our exclusive Dressmakers Bundle, featuring the essentials for impeccable garment construction. Dive into the world of precision and elegance with Vlieseline F220 for lightweight interfacing, H180 for a perfect balance of structure and drape, G710 for a touch of stretch in your creations, and H250 for luxurious and substantial support. Unleash your sewing prowess and create garments that exude sophistication and charm.

What’s included:
F220 – 1m
H180 – 1m
G710 – 1m
H250 – 1m

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Let’s unravel the details of each item in your Dressmakers Bundle:

Vlieseline F220:

    • Vlieseline F220 is the secret weapon for lightweight interfacing. Perfect for delicate fabrics, it adds just the right amount of structure without compromising the drape. Say goodbye to bulk and hello to smooth, professional finishes on your garments. F220 is the go-to choice for achieving that flawless look in your lightweight dresses and blouses.


    • Strike the perfect balance between structure and drape with H180. This versatile interfacing is ideal for a wide range of fabrics, offering the support you need without sacrificing the natural flow of the material. From shirts to dresses, H180 ensures your garments maintain their shape while allowing for graceful movement.


    • G710 introduces a touch of stretch into your Dressmakers Bundle. Perfect for garments that require a bit of flexibility, this interfacing allows your creations to move with you. Whether you’re crafting figure-hugging dresses or tailored pieces, G710 ensures comfort without compromising on style. Embrace the freedom of movement in your fashion endeavors.


    • When it comes to substantial support and a touch of luxury, H250 takes center stage. This heavyweight interfacing is perfect for garments that demand structure and durability. Coats, jackets, and other outerwear projects benefit from the added heft, providing a polished and refined finish to your creations. H250 is the key to making a statement with your fashion pieces.

With these Vlieseline wonders in your Dressmakers Bundle, you’re equipped to turn your sewing dreams into runway-worthy realities. Sew with confidence and let your creativity shine!

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