Prym Easy Grasp Pins 38×0.58mm


Discover Prym Plastic-Handled Sewing Pins, featuring long concave handles for easy grip and control. Made of spring steel with fine tips, these universal pins are perfect for a variety of sewing tasks, available in a convenient 10g storage canister.

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Prym Plastic-Handled Sewing Pins: Long Concave Handles for Easy Grip and Control

Discover the precision and comfort of Prym Plastic-Handled Sewing Pins. This special needle assortment features a unique design with a long, concave handle made of plum-colored plastic, allowing for easy grabbing and precise guiding. The pins’ stems are crafted from high-quality spring steel, offering balanced spring stiffness that ensures durability and flexibility.

The fine tips on these pins penetrate fabric effortlessly, minimizing damage to the fibers. Ideal for a variety of sewing tasks, these universal pins are a great addition to any sewing kit. Prym provides these pins in a 10g storage canister, with each pin measuring 38 mm x 0.58 mm.

These high-quality sewing pins with plastic handles are perfect for quilting, patchwork, and general sewing tasks, offering comfort and control. Whether you’re working on intricate details or larger projects, these pins offer the precision you need.

Key Features:

  • Pins for Universal Use: Suitable for a wide range of sewing applications.
  • Long Concave Plastic Handle: Easy to grip and guide for precise control.
  • Made of Spring Steel: Balanced spring stiffness for durability and flexibility.
  • Fine Tips for Easy Penetration: Designed to go easy on fabric fibers.
  • Size: 38 mm x 0.58 mm: Perfect for various sewing tasks.

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