Vlieseline Perfect Embroidery Bundle 0.5m


Unleash your creativity with our Perfect Embroidery Bundle featuring Vlieseline Solufleece, Bondaweb for flawless appliqué, Stitch-n-tear for easy stabilizing, Iron Cloth to help fusing, and an Iron Cleaner for pristine results. Elevate your embroidery game and bring your artistic visions to life with this essential kit!

What’s included:
– Solufleece 0.5m
– Bondaweb 719 – 0.5m
– Stickvlies Stitch-N-Tear – 0.5m
– Iron Cloth
– Iron Cleaner

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In need of a fantastic embroidery bundle! Let us break down each item for you:


    • Solufleece is a water-soluble embroidery stabilizer. It dissolves in water, leaving behind your beautifully embroidered design. It’s perfect for projects where you don’t want any residue left behind.


    • Bondaweb is a double-sided adhesive web used in appliqué. It’s great for bonding fabrics together before stitching, giving your embroidery a clean and crisp look. Just iron it on, and you’re ready to sew!


    • Stitch-n-tear is a tear-away embroidery stabilizer. It provides temporary support to your fabric during embroidery and can be easily torn away once the stitching is complete. This helps keep your stitches smooth and prevents fabric distortion.

Iron Cloth:

    • Iron Cloth becomes transparent when moistened, making it easier to position interlinings for fusing. That’s how iron cloth protects your fabric for ideal results when fusing interlinings

Iron Cleaner:

      • The iron cleaner is a cleaning agent designed to remove any residue or build up on your iron. Keeping your iron clean is crucial for maintaining its performance and preventing any unwanted transfers or stains on your embroidery.

With this bundle, you’ve got everything you need to create stunning, well-supported embroidery projects. Happy stitching!

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