Bosal White Woven T-Shirt Quilting Pack – 60″ x 72″


Enhance the craftsmanship of your t-shirt quilts with our Fusible Interfacing specially designed for this purpose. This interfacing not only provides stability for t-shirt quilts but is also suitable for various other projects. Say goodbye to fabric distortion as this product ensures the integrity of fabric blocks.

Each package includes one generous piece of fusible interfacing measuring 60×72 inches, offering ample material for your creative endeavors. Proudly made in the USA, Bosals Fusible Interfacing is crafted with quality in mind, providing the support and durability your quilting projects deserve. Elevate your creations with this reliable and USA-made fusible interfacing.

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White 100% woven cotton fusible for light to medium weight fabrics. Ideal for patchwork, dressmaking, crafting and memory quilting.


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Weight750 g
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