Gutermann Mara 100 Spools (1000m) Thread


For perfect seams

Special sewing thread for high-quality holding and closing seams in the sectors of ladies and menswear, leisure time, corsetry and swimwear. Also suitable for fine ornamental seams and as edge stitch thread.

10 spools in box


Gutermann Mara is a polyester long staple spun thread that’s perfect for holding and closing seams. Working on visible seams, corsetry or swimwear? This is the ideal solution to give them a professional finishing touch. It’s also suitable for fine ornamental seams and as edge stitch thread.

This thread has a shiny and silk-like sheen, and is extremely rub and abrasion resistant. As a result, it’s ideal for decoration whilst also being durable.

Achieve outstandingly uniform seams using the unique production technology with MCT®. It’s also dust and lint-free in processing and made from 100% polyester.

Buy Gutermann Mara thread online from Marent Crafts UK. Alternatively, if you’d like to buy wholesale, get in touch to speak with our team.

(Raw) Material:  100% polyester


  • Apparel
  • Home Textiles

Thread construction: MCT® (Micro Core Technology)

Needle size

NM 70-90 / 10-14

Care instructions

Additional information


132, 1274, 154, 188, 208, 209, 339, 4816, 5250, 665


1 spool, Box


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