Gutermann Mara 50 Spools (500m) Thread



Gutermann Mara 50 threads are popular because of their versatility, great appearance and tearing tolerance. This thread offers great abrasion and rubbing resistance and works to create smooth seams with a shiny, silk-like finish.

It’s the perfect thread choice for sportswear, casual clothing, jeans and leather goods. This also includes leather shoes and upholstery. Use the Gutermann Mara thread on visible seams and hand-sewn effects buttonholes, gymps and rustic ornamental seams.

Pick your preferred quantity and colour out of our fantastic thread range. It’s universally applicable and 100% polyester to use in many craft applications.

Full colour range available and in stock!!

(Raw) Material:  100% polyester


  • Apparel
  • Leather/Shoes
  • Home Textiles

Thread construction: MCT® (Micro Core Technology)

Needle size

NM 90-110 / 14-18

Care instructions

Additional information


1 spool, Box 10


800, 325, 350, 249, 4147, 3944, 364, 659, 320, 158, 810, 2246, 315, 339, 396, 000 black