Gutermann Mara 70 Spools (700m) Thread


For perfect seams

Special sewing thread for sports and casual wear, jeans and visible seams like hand-sewn effects buttonholes, gymps and rustic ornamental seams. Also for use in leather goods, shoes, upholstery.


Gutermann Mara thread has a unique product technology with MCT® (Micro Core Technology) thread construction. It has great rub and abrasion resistance, making it a perfect choice for sportswear, casual clothing, jeans and leather goods.

In addition to having great wear resistance, this thread works to create smooth seams with a silky appearance. The thread finish is ideal on visible seams and hand-sewn effects, buttonholes, gymps and rustic ornamental seams.

We have a wide variety of colours available. It’s universally applicable, 100% polyester with dust and lint-free processing to use in many craft and manufacturing applications.

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(Raw) Material:  100% polyester


  • Apparel

Thread construction: MCT® (Micro Core Technology)

Needle size

NM 90-100 / 14-16

Care instructions

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000, 132, 111, 1274, 154, 188, 208, 209, 339, 340, 36, 4816, 5250, 65, 665, 800


1 spool, Box