Hancocks Chalk Sharpener


Ensure precision in your markings with our exceptional Hancock’s Chalk Sharpeners! Designed for use with triangular or square marking chalks, these small yet sturdy sharpeners feature hardened plastic construction and small rigid teeth to sharpen tailors’ chalks effectively.

A straightforward and efficient tool, our chalk sharpener is perfect for maintaining a sharp edge on your chalk, catering to all your marking needs!

Ideal for dressmakers and tailors, this chalk sharpener is a must-have for achieving precise and clean markings in your projects.

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Introducing Hancocks Tailors Chalk Sharpener, crafted from durable hardened plastic. This compact tool features small, sturdy plastic teeth designed to effortlessly sharpen tailors chalks, ensuring a precise and sharp edge. Elevate your chalk-marking experience with this straightforward and effective tool, perfect for achieving optimal precision in your tailoring projects.

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