Neon Coats Moon Thread – Sewing Machine Polyester


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This pack of Neon Coats Moon thread is perfect for an 80s themed project. Take a trip back in time and use this thread to make some fun, neon-inspired garments! You could also incorporate it into a spooky Halloween costume, or use it on any projects where you want a pop of vibrant colour.

M0564 (M564 or 52ANT), M0561 (M561 or 36676), M0534 (M534 or 38363), M0224 (M224), M0565 (M565 or 0540F) x 2

Coats Moon thread is made from 100% polyester. They’re a leading crafts brand – and with good reason. Their threads are durable to prevent them from breaking, and allow you to create smooth, professional looking seams.

At Marent Crafts UK, you’ll find neon colours including yellow, orange pink, blue, green. This way, you can match the thread perfectly to your fabric.

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