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The Prym Hobbyist Needle Assortment offers a set of six high-quality  needles for coarse fabrics and solid materials. Made from hardened steel, this assortment includes a mattress needle, weaving needle, packing needle, tapestry (Smyrna) needle, leather needle, and curved upholsterer’s needle, providing versatile tools for various applications.

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Prym Hobbyist Needle Assortment: The Perfect Set for Working with Coarse Fabrics and Solid Materials

Get the right tools for your sewing projects with the Prym Hobbyist Needle Assortment. This set of six high-quality needles is designed for working with coarse fabrics and solid materials, offering the durability and versatility you need for a range of applications. Each set contains a mattress needle, a weaving needle, a packing needle, a tapestry (Smyrna) needle, a leather needle, and a curved upholsterer’s needle, providing you with the ideal tools for a variety of sewing tasks.

Made from hardened steel, these needles offer stability and strength for heavy-duty work. They come with a variety of eyelets and round, sharp, or curved tips, depending on the specific needle type, ensuring you have the right needle for every project. From upholstery and weaving to working with leather, this assortment makes it easy to complete your tasks effortlessly and with precision.

The Prym Hobbyist Needle Assortment is perfect for crafters, upholsterers, and anyone working with solid materials. Add this set to your sewing supplies and be prepared for any project that comes your way.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Needle Assortment: Includes 6 hobbyist needles for various applications.
  • Made from Hardened Steel: Provides durability and stability for heavy-duty work.
  • Variety of Needle Types: Contains a mattress needle, weaving needle, packing needle, tapestry (Smyrna) needle, leather needle, and curved upholsterer’s needle.
  • Appropriate Tips and Eyelets: Features round, sharp, or curved tips and various eyelet sizes for different applications.
  • Ideal for Coarse Fabrics and Solid Materials: Perfect for upholstery, leatherwork, and weaving.

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