Prym Love Fabric Clips in Stackable Heart Box


Prym Love Fabric Clips are a great addition to your sewing kit! These clips are used as an alternative to traditional pins for holding layers of fabric together.

They are particularly useful when working with thick fabrics, multiple layers, or materials that may be damaged by pinning, such as leather or delicate fabrics.

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Prym Love Fabric Clips in Heart-Shaped Storage Box: 40 Colorful Clips for Fabric and Quilting Projects

Upgrade your sewing toolkit with Prym Love Fabric Clips, packaged in a charming heart-shaped storage box. These fabric clips are a practical alternative to traditional pins, providing firm hold without damaging the material. The transparent plastic box with a practical clasp offers a perfect view of the 40 colour-sorted fabric clips, making it easy to find the color you need for your project.

Fabric clips are ideal for firmly holding sewing projects together without leaving pin marks. These clips are especially useful for delicate fabrics like oilcloth and leather, where traditional pins could cause visible damage. The stackable storage box keeps your fabric clips neatly organized and is designed to be reusable, offering a sustainable storage solution.

The 40 fabric clips come in a mix of vibrant colors, including blue, pink, lilac, and red, adding a touch of fun to your sewing kit. These clips provide firm support when basting multiple fabric layers and are also perfect for affixing quilt edgings.

Key Features:

  • 40 Color-Sorted Fabric Clips: Perfect for pinning without damaging fabrics.
  • Comes in a Heart-Shaped Storage Box: Transparent and stackable with a practical clasp for easy storage.
  • Ideal for Oilcloth and Leather: Suitable for fabrics that show pin marks easily.
  • Perfect for Affixing Quilt Edgings: Provides firm support when basting multiple fabric layers.
  • Colorful and Fun: Adds a vibrant touch to your sewing projects.

Discover the convenience of Prym Love Fabric Clips in a delightful heart-shaped storage box. Order your set today and enjoy an efficient and stylish way to hold your fabric projects together.

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