Prym Quilting Sewing Needles With Silver Eye, Extra Fine, 0.53 x 23mm (20 pieces)


Prym Special Hand Sewing Needles are designed for fine and extra-fine quilting. Made from hardened steel for stability and flexibility, they feature specially-polished tips for smooth penetration and ideal length-to-diameter ratios. Available in assortments of 20 units, sizes 0.53 x 23.

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Prym Special Hand Sewing Needles for Quilting: Fine and Extra-Fine for Precision Work

Achieve precise quilting and delicate hand sewing with Prym Special Hand Sewing Needles. Crafted from hardened steel, these high-quality needles are designed to offer the perfect balance of stability and flexibility. Their ideal length-to-diameter ratio ensures a smooth sewing experience, allowing you to work with fine and extra-fine fabrics effortlessly.

One of the key features of these Prym hand sewing needles is their specially-polished tips, which undergo multiple polishing processes to ensure they are burr-free and symmetrical. This results in smooth penetration without damaging the fabric. The silver eye is also carefully designed for easy threading, making these needles a reliable choice for quilting and other detailed hand sewing projects.


Key Features:

  • Fine and Extra-Fine Needles: Ideal for quilting and delicate hand sewing.
  • Stable and Flexible: Made from hardened steel for durability and flexibility.
  • Specially-Polished Tips: Multiple polishing processes for smooth penetration.
  • Ideal Length and Diameter Ratio: Perfect for intricate sewing work.
  •  Size:  0.53 x 23.

Choose Prym Special Hand Sewing Needles for quilting projects that require precision and reliability. Order your pack today and enjoy the benefits of these high-quality hand sewing needles in your crafting projects.


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  • 5 per box
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