Prym Tape Measure Color 150cm/cm


In sewing, tailoring, crafting, and various handcraft activities, Prym’s COLOR measuring tape offers comprehensive visibility with its three-color scale. The black centimeter scale stands out distinctly against the background colors of red, white, and green, facilitating precise and accurate work. The yellow back, which can be imprinted with a scale in either centimeters or inches, adds an extra layer of flexibility.

With a practical length of 1.50 m, this tape measure, crafted from durable plastic, ensures uncomplicated and easy handling. A tape thickness of 0.5 mm and metal edging on both ends contribute to the tape measure’s durability, guaranteeing a long and reliable service life.

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  •  Colour graduated scale
  •  Yellow back with scale in centimetres or inches
  •  Metal frames at the ends
  •  Robust professional quality

Dimensions: 150 cm x 19 mm x 0.5mm

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Weight187.5 g