Prym Vario Creative Bundle


Are you a passionate crafter, a DIY enthusiast, or someone who loves to add a personal touch to your creations? Look no further than the Prym Vario Creative Bundle – your all-in-one solution for versatile and imaginative crafting!

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  1. 1 x Prym Vario Creative Tool:
    • Dive into a world of creative possibilities with the Prym Vario Tool. This multifunctional hand tool empowers you to effortlessly attach press fasteners, eyelets, jeans buttons, and more. Its interchangeable heads make it the go-to choice for various crafting projects.
  2.  1 x Vario Creative Clamp:
    • The Vario Clamp ensures stability and precision in your crafting endeavors. Attach it to your work surface, whether it’s a table or a workbench, and enjoy a secure platform for your Vario Tool. This dynamic duo guarantees a seamless crafting experience.
  3. 2 x Tool Sets:
    • Elevate your creations with the included Rivet Tool Sets. Perfect for leathercraft and garment projects, this set equips you with different-sized rivet heads and a setting tool. Create durable and stylish connections effortlessly.