Vlieseline Perfect Quilting Bundle 1m


Dive into the world of quilting perfection with our exclusive Quilting Bundle! Featuring Vlieseline Quilters Grid for precise piecing, and H630, H640, and H650 for luxurious quilt batting options. Elevate your quilting projects with unmatched quality and comfort. Unleash your creativity, one stitch at a time!

What’s included:
Quilters Grid – 1m
H650 – 1m
H640 – 1m
H630 – 1m

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Vlieseline Quilters Grid:

    • Vlieseline Quilters Grid is a game-changer for quilting enthusiasts. This gridded, fusible interfacing makes piecing a breeze. Simply fuse it to your fabric, and the pre-printed grid guides your stitches, ensuring precise and accurate quilt blocks. Say goodbye to the hassle of marking and hello to perfectly aligned quilt patterns.


    • H630 is a premium quilt batting that adds a touch of loft and coziness to your quilts. This lightweight, fusible batting is perfect for achieving that classic quilted look without sacrificing softness. It provides excellent drape and stitch definition, making it an ideal choice for a variety of quilting projects.


    • Step up your quilting game with H640 quilt batting. This medium-weight, fusible batting offers a perfect balance of warmth and flexibility. It provides a wonderful loft, giving your quilts a plush and inviting feel. Whether you’re working on wall hangings or bed quilts, H640 ensures a delightful combination of comfort and craftsmanship.


    • For those who crave a touch of luxury in their quilting projects, H650 is the answer. This heavy-weight, fusible batting adds substantial warmth and loft to your quilts, creating a truly indulgent and snuggly finish. Perfect for those winter quilts or projects where you want a bit of extra plushness, H650 delivers unmatched comfort and quality.

With this quilting bundle, you’ve got the tools to transform your quilting visions into beautifully crafted masterpieces. Happy quilting!

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