Prym Sewing Machine Needles Sys. 130/705 Standard 80


Experience seamless sewing with Prym Universal Sewing Machine Needles. These premium-quality needles suit a wide range of fabrics—from delicate silk to sturdy denim—making them ideal for most standard sewing machines. The slightly rounded tip ensures smooth penetration, while the flat shank design guarantees compatibility with all popular sewing machines. Upgrade your sewing kit with Prym Universal Needles for reliability, durability, and versatility. Available in sizes 60 to 110.

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Prym Universal Sewing Machine Needles : Perfect for All Fabrics and Standard Sewing Machines

Discover the versatility and quality of Prym Universal Sewing Machine Needles. Whether you’re sewing fine silk, medium-weight cotton, or sturdy corduroy, these premium-quality sewing machine needles are designed to meet all your sewing needs. Ideal for most natural and synthetic fabrics, these universal sewing machine needles are a must-have addition to your sewing kit.

With a slightly rounded tip, these high-quality sewing machine needles effortlessly penetrate various fabrics while ensuring durability and a long service life. The flat shank design makes them compatible with all standard sewing machines, providing a seamless sewing experience. Prym universal needles are perfect for any sewing project, from delicate textiles to heavier materials.

Upgrade your sewing equipment with Prym Universal Sewing Machine Needles. Experience the difference in quality, versatility, and performance, and make these high-quality sewing machine needles a staple in your sewing station.

Key Features:

  • Universal design suitable for a wide range of fabrics
  • High-quality material and construction
  • Slightly rounded tip for smooth fabric penetration
  • Compatible with all standard sewing machines
  • Sizes available from 60 to 110


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