VELCRO® Brand Snag Free Sew On Tape 20mm x 3m white


Ideal for Home & Garden, Delicate Fabric

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Working on home furnishings, children’s clothes or fine fabrics? This VELCRO® brand snag free sew on tape is ideal, as it reduces snagging and lint build up.

This fastener incorporates the hook and loop in one piece, with the soft loop buffering the hooks. As a result, you’ll have an end product that’s lint and snag free.

Hook and loop tape is an easy alternative to zips, buttons and studs. It’s also durable and can be put into a washer/dryer, meaning it’ll last for longer.

To apply, cut the tape, then sew onto your fabric – either by hand or using a sewing machine. This will hold the tape in place and ensure that your fabric fastens together securely.

Buy your VELCRO® brand snag free sew on tape at Marent Crafts UK online today. If you’re looking to order in bulk, get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Product code: VEL-EC60350



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