Vlieseline / Vilene H54 Filmoplast Self Adhesive Embroidery Backing


Transforming small embroideries and monograms into a breeze, our self-adhesive embroidery backing, Filmoplast H 54, makes the process effortless. Its residue-free removal adds convenience, and it’s equally adept at creating collages.

Perfect for mounting and embroidering small sections in an embroidery hoop, machine embroidery, framing embroidered pictures, and collage crafting. This versatile solution is suitable for use with all fabrics, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for your creative endeavors.


Vlieseline H54 Filmoplast

Working with pieces which are smaller than the embroidery frame? This Vlieseline / Vilene H54 embroidery backing will ensure there’s no shifting as you embroider. Not only that, it’s snag free too.

This product is a self-adhesive, tear-off embroidery backing with a grid printed on its transfer paper.

It’s suitable for all fabrics. It can be used for machine embroidery, collages and framing embroidered pictures.

Directions for Use:

  1. Clamp in an embroidery frame with the masking paper facing up.
  2. Score the masking paper carefully with a needle, without damaging the fleece.
  3. Position the fabric, smooth and embroider.
  4. Any resulting holes can be covered with H54. The machine doesn’t need to be reset, thus saving time and money.

Buy Vlieseline / Vilene H54 embroidery backing online today at Marent Crafts UK, or get in touch if you’d like to order in bulk.

70% CV, 30% Cellulose
54cm x 15m roll

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1m, Roll

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