Vlieseline / Vilene Highly Voluminous Flame Retardant Batting P250


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Vilene Flame Retardant Batting P250. This fire retardant batting is designed not to melt or flow when in contact with a flame, keeping you and your crafting project safe from damage.

It also won’t shrink, meaning it can be washed again and again without losing it’s shape. It’s made from synthetic fibres and is highly voluminous.

This product is suitable for all fabrics, so it can be used to make a range of products. This includes duvets, quilting, upholstery, as well as jackets, coats and other outdoor wear.

Buy your fire retardant batting online from Marent Crafts UK today. If you’re looking to order in bulk, get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

  • 80% R-PES, 20% PES
  • 150cm x 200cm

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Weight751 g