Vlieseline / Vilene L11/310 Lightweight Sew In Interlining


Light-weight, soft sewable nonwoven interlining made of a blend of synthetic fibres.

55% CV, 35% R-PES, 35 g/ m2

90cm x 25m


Working with crushed or pleated fabrics? This Vlieseline / Vilene L11 interlining is the perfect match to ensure a strong but flexible garment.

It’s ideal for lightweight fabrics, and often used for small details on dresses and blouses. It’s also great for belts, bodices, cuffs and a range of arts and crafts applications.

This sew in interlining is easy to apply, and can be sewn either by hand or via a machine. Use it to create small parts with a flexible but long-lasting shape.

Buy your Vlieseline / Vilene L11 interlining online today at Marent Crafts UK. If you’re looking to order in bulk, get in touch to speak with a member of our team.

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50cm, 1m, Roll