Vlieseline / Vilene G700 Medium Cotton Woven Interlining


Discover our versatile woven interlining tailored for the small parts of blouses and shirts. Perfect for fusing elements like collars and cuffs, this interlining enhances the structure of blouses and shirts with precision.

Ideal for fabrics ranging from light to medium weight, this interlining ensures a seamless integration into your garment crafting. Elevate the quality and style of your creations with this adaptable woven interlining designed for small details that make a big impact.


Need interlining for lightweight fabrics that still holds its shape? This Vlieseline / Vilene G700 is perfect for small parts such as cuffs and collars. You can also use it for bag linings to add strength, without making the bag too stiff.

Compared to non-woven alternatives, this woven interlining has a softer drape and is made of 100% cotton.

Directions for Use

  1. Place the interlining on the reverse side of your fabric
  2. Iron for 12 seconds section by section (but don’t press down too firmly)
  3. Lay flat to cool for 30 minutes

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90cm x 25m

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White, Black


50cm, 1m, Roll

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