Vlieseline / Vilene M12/312 Medium Sew In Interlining


Medium-weight, soft sewable nonwoven interlining made of a blend of synthetic fibres. 90cm x 25m


Vlieseline / Vilene M12/312

Working with fabrics that can’t be ironed? Crushed and pleated fabrics are heat sensitive, so iron on interfacing isn’t ideal. Instead, use this Vlieseline / Vilene M12/312 sew in interlining to finish off your garments.

It’s ideal for working on small parts like cuffs, collars and small parts of dresses and blouses. It can add shape and structure, all whilst being easy to work with.

To apply, all you need to do is sew the interlining onto the reverse side of your fabric. You can do this by hand or via a sewing machine, depending on your preference.

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50cm, 1m, Roll