Vlieseline / Vilene Double Sided Adhesive Transparent VLIESOFIX® BONDAWEB® Display


Paper-backed iron-on adhesive—where the paper provides support during drawing and ironing. Easily fuse various materials and fabrics together through simple ironing. Perfect for creative appliqués, textile handicrafts in diverse forms and colors, as well as for repairs.

BONDAWEB is versatile, with applications including joining fabric layers for appliqué, handicrafts, or repairs. It works well with all fabrics, raffia, cardboard, wood, and, at low temperatures, even leather



For joining fabric layers e.g. for appliqué, handicrafts or repair work. Suitable for all fabrics, raffia, cardboard, wood and, at low temperatures, also for leather.

1. Draw or trace the motif back-to-front on the paper side of Bondaweb and cut out roughly.
2. Lay the Bondaweb with the rough side on the reverse side of the fabric and iron on for around 5–10 seconds.
3. Cut out the motif precisely and pull off the backing paper.
4. Then place it in the desired spot on another piece of fabric with the coated side facing down. Cover with a damp cloth and iron for 10 seconds section by section.
5. Sew on the appliqué with a zigzag stitch, using a piece
of Stitch-n-Tear as backing if necessary.

• Double-sided adhesive
• Precise appliqués
• No slippage when hemming with zigzag stitches

45cm x 30m

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1m, Roll

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