Fire Retardant Wadding


This Fire Retardant Wadding is a high quality polyester wadding made to protect you and your loved ones from open flames. We offer a range of weights from 2oz to 19oz in order to cater to all wants and needs.

Discover comfort and quality with our premium wadding products. From plush quilts to resilient upholstery, Marent Crafts brings you versatile wadding solutions for a range of applications. Elevate your textiles with our soft and durable wadding, delivering the perfect blend of cosiness and craftsmanship.


Fire Retardant Wadding, 155cm Wide

2oz (70gsm) roll 50m

4oz (135gsm) roll 50m

6oz (200gsm) roll 25m

8oz (270gsm) roll 30m

11oz (300gsm) roll 30m

12oz (340gsm) roll 25m

13oz (375gsm) roll 25m

14oz (400gsm) roll 25m

16oz (450gsm) roll 20m

17oz (475gsm) roll 15m

18oz (500gsm) roll 15m

19oz (550gsm) roll 15m

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2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 13oz, 14oz, 15oz, 16oz, 17oz, 19oz


50cm, 1m, Roll

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