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What are 5 Simple Stitches For Perfect Sewing Right Now [Using Coats Moon Thread]?

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When learning how to sew, it’s important to get high quality sewing thread which won’t snap too easily. Coats Moon 120 Spun Polyester Sewing thread has a reputation for running smoothly in sewing machines, being of good durability and strength at a reasonable price. It is also great for hand-sewn projects and does not easily become tangled.

Coats Moon thread is available in 48 different colours from Marent Crafts. Enabling you to find the perfect matching or contrasting thread for your project. You can buy individual spools or if you are a more prolific sewer, you’ll love our Coats Moon Thread colours box because this box contains 24 spools of thread in different colours – choose from light or bright (standard).

Coats Moon Thread Set Of 24

Before you embark on any sewing, it’s a great idea to have a practise of the most commonly used basic hand stitches. There are 5 simple hand-sewn stitches for the beginner sewer to master. Let’s take a look at them:

Running stitch

Running stitch is the simplest sewing stitch because it’s created by moving the needle in and out of the fabric at regular intervals. This is done so that each top stitch is the same length. Running stitch is often used to sew basic seams or hems and it is also used in quilting to hold the wadding in place.

Back Stitch

The purpose of back stitch is to create a strong bond between two layers of fabric and is achieved by doubling back with the needle to ensure no gap between the stitches. Great for hems and repairs an it is popular in embroidery projects to for outlining shapes and creating letters.

Basting Stitch

A long form of running stitch, this technique is used to temporarily hold two pieces of fabric together. Often done in a contrasting colour to the fabric, so that it is easy to spot when it comes to removing the stitches.

Whip Stitch

Whip stitch is used to join two pieces of fabric together and consists of bringing the needle up through both pieces of fabric from the bottom to the top with the thread wrapping around the edge of the fabric. It is commonly used for hemming.

Ladder Stitch (or slip stitch)

This stitch is used to join folded two edges together where the seam needs to be hidden. It is often used to sew stuffed toys, cushions, pillows or lined hems. The knot is hidden in the seam allowance and make a stitch on one side of the fabric, and then go across the seam and make a stitch on the other side of the fabric parallel to the edge. Keep moving across from one side to the other and the stitches will look like a ladder. Pull the thread tight to hide the stitches inside the seam.

Sewing machine threads

If you are progressing onto sewing machine projects, you may have a much larger range of stitches available to you. Depending on what your sewing machine offers. It is vital to ensure you use a high-quality sewing thread so the inferior thread can break easily. Because it can cause frustration and damage to your project or even your machine. Coats Moon thread will work just as well for your sewing machine projects as your hand-sewn ones. The thread comes in 1000 yard spools which is enough to make a queen size quilt.

Overlocking thread

We should not finish this basic sewing blog without a quick mention of overlocking. Overlocking sewing machines require a different type of sewing thread. Overlockers create a neat tidy edge which helps prevent the fabric from fraying. Overlocking thread tends to be rougher in feel and weaker than regular sewing thread. It may jam up your sewing machine, so we don’t recommend you use overlocking thread in a regular sewing machine. Available in 38 colours, you can get your overlocking thread from Marents Crafts in boxes of  10 cones or 100 cones, or of course, individually.

Overlocking Thread

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